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Archima Major, OD, FAAO

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Contacts are a great way to subtly correct most refractive errors. Archima Major, OD, and her team at Eye Innovations in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, offer a large variety of contact lenses to suit any individual, including specialty contact lenses for keratoconus or other serious eye problems. Call the office to learn how contacts can improve your vision.

Contacts Q & A

When is the right time to start wearing contacts?

It varies by individual, but many optometrists fit children with contacts at around age 10-12. You can discuss your child's habits and maturity level with the Eye Innovations team so they can make customized recommendations. 

If you're an adult who's simply ready for a change from glasses, or you'd like contacts to alternate with your regular eyeglasses, there's no time like the present to start wearing contact lenses. The Eye Innovations team offers a wide range of contact lens options to suit the needs of virtually anyone.

How long do contacts last?

It depends on which lenses you choose. Options include:

Single-use lenses

Disposable daily lenses are single-use contact lenses that you wear all day, and then dispose of when you go to bed. Each day, you use a fresh pair.

Daily wear lenses

Like single-use lenses, daily wear lenses are disposable, but you use them for longer before throwing them away. Both two-week contacts and one-month contacts are in this category. Usually, you wear the lenses every day and then store them in a sterile solution overnight. Then, you start using a fresh pair at the appropriate time.

Extended-wear lenses

Extended-wear lenses are the only type of lenses you can wear overnight. But, it's important to closely follow the contact use instructions from the Eye Innovations team when wearing extended-wear lenses. You still need to remove extended-wear lenses sometimes for cleaning. This type of contact lenses may last for months or longer, depending on brand and situation.

Specialty contact lenses

Specialty contact lenses, like those that reshape the cornea when you have keratoconus, may be rigid, soft, or a combination of the two. Specialty lenses can last for as much as a couple of years, depending on specific type and situation.

There are also many other contact lens variations, and the Eye Innovations team can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Can I still get contacts with astigmatism or other eye problems?

Contacts aren’t just limited to nearsightedness and farsightedness anymore: People with astigmatism can get toric contact lenses that are specially made to correct corneal curvature. 

Contacts are even available for dry-eye sufferers and people living with other specific eye health issues. The Eye Innovations team evaluates your specific needs and recommends the perfect lenses for you. 

Call Eye Innovations today to book a consultation to discuss contact lenses, or you can request an appointment online.